September 9, 2008

Dance With Divinity – 02 – “Crutch For The Frail”

Posted in Dance With Divinity tagged at 10:02 pm by Matt

He slept alone that night
Like many times before
The bitterness within him
Pushing away the one he adored

She placed her faith in the gospel
He said, “Faith is for the weak”

One night they were talking
And she urged him to believe
But he drew back and declared
“My love, you’ve been deceived”

“Your faith and your gospel are fable and myth
The church is a company, they just want to get rich, and richer”
She said, “There’s more to this than money, there’s hope, and love, and life”
He grabbed her by the shoulders and spoke his final statement: “God is a lie!”

The anger welled inside him
A product of their pain
In an act of desperation
He ran out into the rain

“My world is a sinking ship, and I have lost control
An infinite derision for the spirit and the soul
I must take power back that’s overtaken me
A fiery attrition will dispel this mystery”

“So abandon logic and clutch blind faith
I will be the reason you question divine fate”
He went forth to take control of the flow of human life
Disguised by darkness he waited to make his strike


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