September 9, 2008

Dance With Divinity – 04 – “Desperation”

Posted in Dance With Divinity tagged at 10:07 pm by Matt

He returned that night, wet and cold but warm with the dark sense of justice and power he had assumed. The memory of his action continuously possessed his mind, as though drawing him like an addiction. He reveled in the concept of single-handedly controlling the destinies of lives, but he also resolved to simultaneously rid the world of some of those he had grown to consider his nemeses. Indeed, it was his hope and aspiration that his isolated killings would erode the faith of his wife, whom he still yet loved and desired. But the seeds of belief had fallen on fertile soil in her, and would prove difficult to uproot.

She knew nothing of his deeds, but his departures brought her fear
It was with her memories in his heart that he often disappeared

Noticing the emptiness inside her house and heart
It was with best intentions that a stranger came to call
He inquired whether she was satisfied with him
From there, the light inside of her grew dim

Though they wanted only to be together
Each one ran away from the other


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