September 9, 2008

Dance With Divinity – 10 – “Widower”

Posted in Dance With Divinity tagged at 10:14 pm by Matt

Long nights of absence wearing patience down
Zealous resentment bred when she is around
Unanswered questions tearing her apart
“Don’t worry, love,” he says, “Someday I’ll have your heart!”

Past the stroke of midnight, he waltzes through the door
Greeted with a glare of “I can’t take this anymore
I don’t know where you go or how you spend your time
But I won’t live with you while you live in your lie!”

“O cruel fate! your apprentice has learned well
But never has such majesty brought me so near to hell
I know I must rescind this power to ever bring her back
But not tonight, for swelling pride demands one last attack”

“What is a life, what is a soul? (Why should I ask what no one knows)
My life is lost, to death a slave (It’s just the passing of the age)”
Blind in darkness, out of focus, shocked into denial
All his passion feeds his memory of the ones reviled

He slept in the shadowed pathway, never knowing she’d pass by…


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