September 9, 2008

Dance With Divinity – 12 – “Surrendering The Sword”

Posted in Dance With Divinity tagged at 10:17 pm by Matt

He fled and hid himself away
And watched the next day for the news
But his heart stopped its frail beating
When he learned he’d murdered two

“Not only my bride, but my flesh and blood?
Truly, it is the end of my tyranny”

“The very thing I hate is what I have become
My vultures circle in on their final victim”

“Never could a price be paid
To cover all of my mistakes
Executioner I’ve played
Come now, judge and jury await
Leading to my resting place”

“Is this life what it seems?
Or is there something more?
I’m not afraid to dream
I’m not scared to know
The fate written for me”


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