September 9, 2008

Suffering The Storm – 04 – “Nephilim Drowning”

Posted in Suffering The Storm tagged at 9:54 pm by Matt

Great men of old blackened their souls in grave descent
Daughters of men offered their skin to God’s own children
Heroes and whores stood where before there had been peace
Forced to create a plan that will make all as it should be
As thieves in the night each droplet alights with dark intent
Nephilim rise with fear in their eyes as He opens the firmament
Rain falls, seas swell, washing clean this earth that’s gone to hell
Purification the only salvation for existence beyond repair
Total renewal of twisted and cruel autonomic heresy
Onward we sail ‘neath clouds gray and pale to God knows where
The darkness below bearing the only lives preserved in sanctity
In faith we wait for our return to home
Nostalgia of unholy lands will only hold us back
We must begin again, a mankind free from sin
A glance to heaven reveals a stream of tears
Held in obscurity the reason behind His eyes
Sick of staring across spiritual divide
I will not remain on a shelf put aside
Damn the idolaters and ill-deified
Behold My final genocide

Still we’re far away from the break of day
Still we fold our hands and remember those who lost their way…
Blackhearted fools, a spark on the fuel of my holy wrath
Daughters dethroned, no longer My own in this catastrophic aftermath
To hell with the whores and heroes of yore who turned from Me
Commence the act, I send the earth back to how it should be
Quiet now the voice of disharmony
Let this world again submit to Me

On earth as it is in heaven
Father, Master, let Thy will be done


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