September 9, 2008

Suffering The Storm – 05 – “Sky And Sea”

Posted in Suffering The Storm tagged at 9:56 pm by Matt

Salt in the water and steam in the air
Drowned the deserving through cries of despair
Our hope is the future, a new earth we seek
But in front of our eyes is bleak gray sky and sea
Though clouds have subsided to reveal the day
No sunlight is reaching this drifting vessel
Monochrome horizons are distant and clear
As lifeless as trust while supplanted by fear
This seafaring chariot steals us away
From idols and fires our children wrestled
Why me? Who am I to start this new world?
Believe in yourself, blessed one
Hope of humanity all on me
Strength I will give to you in your need
Two hands and seven souls, what can we do?
Go forth and create a new beginning
Will everything fall apart again?
Through you, righteousness is renewed
Chosen for righteousness, but no one is righteous
This heart of innocence standing tall
My soul is no cleaner
I am as wicked as them all
From all it is you I have chosen
Unite yourselves and trust in My plan
Feel the sun breaking through
Luminescence covers you
Feel the warmth on your skin
The world is yours, enter in


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