September 9, 2008

Suffering The Storm – 07 – “Flight Of The Dove”

Posted in Suffering The Storm tagged at 9:56 pm by Matt

Thus repeal the waters
This ocean fades away
The floodgates of heaven shut
To permit the break of day
My raven’s wings beat on blue skies
A signal of hope for new mankind
Now from my hand my dove will fly
To set its feet on dry land
Noah, faithful, come forth
Your oceanic prison is gone
Bring with you earth’s future
In My hope you will carry on
The curse of this deluge is past
No more shall I unleash such wrath
As the sun shines, for all earth’s time,
Day and night shall breathe with life
Into you I impart my power
Your righteous blood will fill this world once more
But never put aside the pain of this deluge
Or all is doomed to a worse fate than before
For centuries we kept hope alive
In the glory of our Father we survived
But in fear of light, so many run to shadows
Trusting in themselves with minds so shallow
The great man of faith weeps from his grave
In sight of his descendants spitting on the hope he gave
We are the generation deserving of his pain
Our existence is nothing more than shame
The time has come
Our hope is undone
The end of creation awaits
For annihilation I pray
Grant us this deathwish and wash our sin away


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