September 9, 2008

The Millstone – 01 – “Judgment Day”

Posted in The Millstone tagged at 9:41 pm by Matt

There I lay, overlooking my impending grave
Judgment day, my wickedness has now condemned me
For my crime, I suffocate and drown to death
Down below, hanging this sentence ‘round my neck.
There’s no more time to try to justify my deeds
One last cry escapes my mouth before they choke me
Tightening the rope, tying to the stone
They intend to send me down to meet the devil on his throne
A man arises, towering over the crowd
And one by one my evils are read aloud
No mercy comes from the voices around
They will not be appeased till I am drowned
So there we stood, the captors and the seized
My last glimpse of sunlight and a soft breeze
With no remorse they walk me to the edge
Silently and suddenly they kick me from the deck
This ends my journey on earth’s shore
Thus begins my journey to the ocean’s floor


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