September 9, 2008

The Millstone – 06 – “The Accuser”

Posted in The Millstone tagged at 9:48 pm by Matt

Memories so clear scrape at my consciousness
Am I really here, and what is the purpose of this?
I recall on a dark, cloudy night making light of my lust
This water has weakened my mind, I don’t know what to trust
With uncertain psyche, a shout comes to deafen my ears
Breaking my spirit and compounding all of my fears
Though I cannot tell the actions apart from the dreams
This voice unrelenting condemns me full well, with scream after scream:
You raper, you raped her
In your heart and in your mind
Coercion, perversion
Now forever you are mine
Is there truth to this claim?
I know I fantasized so long
My head now hangs below in shame
There’s no more hope for the one I wronged
My life is sealed, along with eternity
My drowning now towards burning then
I wish this sorrow could be released from me
But the hell-borne shriek reminds me yet again
You raper, you raped her
Tearing down her paradise
Vulgarly destroying
Now forever you are mine
My perversion abolished her integrity
This half decade she wasted in promiscuity
I am the culprit, instigating her fall from grace
She is the reason I was turned over to this place
In hopelessness she built her makeshift gallows
She wrote my name in blood then left this world
Suicide at seventeen, such a hard thing to swallow
The bitter end of brokenness for this beautiful young girl
You killer, you killed her
Her blood stains your sick design
Condemning your standing
By your hand this girl died
You killer, you killed her
Tie the knot above her spine
Suspended, life ended
Now forever you are
No! Listen for the voice,
Look for the truth
Did this ever happen
He’s lying to you
These accusations comprise deceit
What could have happened in reality?
You never laid hands on that virgin’s skin
The only perpetration was that of your eyes
Behind, o accuser! And search now within
You are not responsible for her demise
Open your eyes
Open your eyes
My child, open your eyes!


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  1. Matt said,

    Guest piano by my friend, Patrick.

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