September 9, 2008

The Millstone – 07 – “Submission”

Posted in The Millstone tagged at 9:50 pm by Matt

So this is how it ends
I can feel the pressure of the deep
The travesty of my sins
Finds me in a comatose sleep
But I will awaken, and soon I will taste
The hope of recollection of my obscured history
The liar’s proclamations are now laid to waste
The hour is impending to unfold this mystery
It was the pedophilic fetish of my heart
That blackened and adulterated my thoughts
No action did I intend to impart
For debasement of self, and for terror of being caught
I never laid a finger on her body
Only in my vision did she concede
By coincidence she faltered and became
The willing pawn of immorality
I placed the blame upon myself alone
For thinking of her so objectively
When fertility was found, she surrendered
Her neck embraced by a rope of tragedy
She screamed, but I never heard
Quietly she hung in pain, corrupted by her own decision
I never understood
How evil like the waves could roll in
Where could I have been?
Is it really not my fault?
With different eyes, could I have seen her pain?
Is her blood on my hands?
The screams of injustice are gone
A whisper in my memory resurfaces
A faith long lost brings a reiteration;
“I will restore you and heal you”
In my final moments I recall this word
And plead for mercy to arise
The millstone I placed on my neck is shattered
There extends a hand to offer me new life
The sickness that has possessed me
Is dispelled by the panacea of heaven’s hand
No longer will my perversion control me
No longer will this burden I withstand
My head strikes the ocean floor,
My eyes behold the open door,
His love overwhelms and washes over me
I am free
I see the waters peeled back in submission
A thunderous voice weeps “Welcome, son,
Behold the earth you knew now for the last time;
Now, forever, you are Mine.”


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