September 10, 2008

Proclaim Thy Judgment

Posted in Albums, Proclaim Thy Judgment tagged , at 1:35 pm by Matt

“Proclaim Thy Judgment” is the first Potmos Hetoimos album. It is a collection of five songs I worked on between November 2005 (“Scattered and Peeled”) and May 2006 (“Army of Locusts”). (All three other songs were recorded in March 2006.) The production varies from song to song on the album, since they were recorded at different times and I was still quite an amateur at recording and mixing. (Most of the electronic drums on the album were recorded by placing a microphone in front of an amp, rather than running the drums directly in to the recorder!) The album is overall quite listenable, though, and is a huge jump in quality over anything of mine you might have heard (or may never hear) from, say, 2004. The album fits its title, as the song lyrics are direct readings from Old Testament books of prophecy (Hosea, Isaiah, Ezekiel, Jeremiah, and Joel). I performed all instruments, vocals, and programming on the album.

Download or stream the album at:


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