September 10, 2008

Suffering The Storm

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The third Potmos Hetoimos full-length is in many ways the black sheep of the discography. Each album certainly has facets that make it unique, but “Suffering”‘s tend to place it way out there. To begin with, there is no guitar anywhere on the album. Each song was written and performed entirely on bass (along with drums and vocals, of course). This allowed a totally unprecedented heaviness, and even added a little clarity to the production (as two downtuned guitars plus one downtuned bass can get quite muddy). The album was recorded between sometime in early 2007 (“Into The Eye” and “Sky And Sea”) and sometime in mid-2007 (“Flight Of The Dove”), and then finally finished with the recording of “Flight Of The Raven” in early 2008.

On the first two albums, I had done lyrics from the Old Testament and an original storyline, so I decided to shift back to the Biblical framework for lyrics. Since a lot of post-metal deals with aquatic or oceanic themes (Ocean, Buried At Sea, Isis’s seminal album “Oceanic”, etc.), I found the story of Noah and the flood resonating with me in a new way. The typical picture of this is the one found in children’s Bible books (God told Noah to build an arky-arky…), but I really don’t think the way it happened was quite so pleasant. Think about it. Noah had a limited time period to build the biggest boat anyone had ever seen by far, before God sent torrents of rain that would completely cover the face of the earth. Every single person alive was going to drown save the few family members on Noah’s vessel. The sky would be black as night from the heavy clouds. It would be like a month-long hurricane. So, I decided to address some of the darker themes of the flood narrative on this album. There are a ton of anachronisms in the lyrics, so it’s not a “storyline” album exactly. There is an overall progression though; “Into The Eye” definitely starts the story, and “Flight Of The Dove” definitely finishes it.

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