July 17, 2009

New Album Recording Journal – page 3

Posted in Recording Journal at 2:27 pm by Matt

Studio confirmed. I have an apartment! All my stuff, including musical stuff, is getting moved in on Saturday. I’m a little worried about some of the recording process, because there’s quite a bit of sound leakage in this place. I really hope I don’t bother the other tenants unbearably much, and that they don’t call the cops reporting screaming every time we start recording vocals. There’s still a long-shot possibly that this album might have *gasp* REAL drums instead of v-drums, but I’m not sure how strongly I’ll pursue that. It takes a lot more microphones and a lot more skill than I possess to make real drums sound decent on record.

Also, I need to change the strings on Janine, my 7-string guitar (which I just remembered a few days ago had a name). One of the strings is broken, which I think was the first time a string ever got broken on that instrument. It made it a long time…I wonder what gauge of strings I should use. Something mediumish…not too thin for recording doom, but not so thick as to be muddy and indistinguishable.

I may attempt to record this album in a more conventional way, that is, one instrument at a time rather than one song at a time. For “Kingdoms”, one song was recorded and then mixed, then another song was recorded and mixed, and so on. This resulted in heterogeneity of sound quality (compare “The Lilies Underfoot”, the second song recorded, with the rest of the album) as well as technique (“Rebel”, the first song recorded, has no lower-pitched screams because Jason hadn’t discovered them yet). For “Dance With Divinity”, the same was true except only the instruments were recorded and mixed track-by-track (or piece-by-piece, since DWD was really just one song), then the vocals were ALL added in one glorious throat-destroying weekend. So that’s closer to what I want to do with this. I really want to record all the songs without mixing each one, and then leave the mixing and production until after the instruments (and maybe vocals) are recorded. But I don’t know if my computer can handle that. I need a compactflash card with like a terabyte of memory. Honestly, if they’re not that expensive, I might just buy a few large ones in order to be able to do what I just described but without using the computer. MAN that would make things easier.

*checks bestbuy.com* wait, they ARE expensive. Hmm. How big is mine? I feel like my current card is only like 512mb…I could buy a 4gb or 8gb one and be a lot better off…


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