July 28, 2009

New Album Recording Journal – page 5

Posted in Recording Journal at 2:27 pm by Matt

Finally changed my strings. The new ones are very bright, a quality which is sometimes desirable and sometimes detestable when recording sludgy post-metal. I’ll have to wear them down a bit before laying down any serious tracks. However, energized by the return to playability of my beautiful guitar, I wrote a new riff for the album – very different from anything else written so far. It’ll become the intro/beginning of “The Crumbling Dam”.

Let’s take a look at where things stand right now in the songwriting process (all percentages approximate):

1. “Outside the City Gates” – 50% written musically. / 2. “Sector 7” – 80% written musically, 10% lyrically. / 3. “Tower of Need” – 95% musically, 40% lyrically. / 4. “Fluorescent Twilight” – 25% musically, 10% lyrically. / 5. “Ambling Cadavers” – 80% musically, 0% lyrically. / 6. “Where Gardens Never Grow” – 80% musically. / 7. (not yet titled) – 60% musically, 10% lyrically / 8. “The Crumbling Dam” – 50% musically, 10% lyrically. / 9. “Avalanche” – 50% musically. / 10. “Baltimore” – 10% musically, 0% lyrically.

As you can see, “Tower of Need” is the closest to being “done” in terms of the writing phase. As I mentioned before, you’ll probably see a rough demo version of this song in the near future.


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  1. Raleigh said,

    you should just scrap all your ideas and improv it proclaim thy judgement style.

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