August 3, 2009

New Album Recording Journal – page 6

Posted in Recording Journal at 2:54 pm by Matt

It’s August, folks. The new album officially comes out NEXT MONTH. No recording has been done. Am I freaking out? Nah. Remember, no PH album ever released on 9/12 has had any part of it recorded before 8/12. However, no PH album has ever been recorded while I’ve been working a 40-hour week. AND, no PH album has required the consistent services of TWO other musicians (Jason and Pat, this time around). Pat is a relatively busy man, as well as a musical perfectionist, so I’m uncertain how recording him will work out. There are also 2 or 3 guest appearances that I’ll have to factor in.

It’s going to be an interesting month.

So I’ve stepped things up a little bit, gotten a little more professional, and drawn up a rough studio schedule for myself. I think that will ensure that I, the artist, have sufficient time and space to get everything accomplished that need to be, and will provide you, the listener, with the best music capable of being produced by Potmos Hetoimos. I’m very excited about this album; if things come together as I hope, it very well could be the best one yet.

Here’s a very rough tentative plan:

Aug 3-6: Preproduction, figuring out recording process, getting equipment ready

Aug 10-13: Two pieces* recorded

Aug 17-20: Two pieces recorded

Aug 24-27: Two pieces recorded

Aug 31-Sep 3: Final piece recorded

Sep 7-11: Production, mixing, loose ends

Then in a weekend somewhere in there, Jason will come visit or I’ll visit him and we’ll lay down vocals. I think this allots plenty of time for everything to happen. Let’s do it!

*While there are 10 songs on the album, three are shorter songs that each go together with a longer song, so they’ll be recorded in pairs like that – resulting in seven total “pieces”.


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