August 10, 2009

New Album Recording Journal – page 7

Posted in Recording Journal at 2:03 pm by Matt

Tonight is the first night of scheduled “studio time” for the new album.

And already, it’s getting pushed back.

Oh well, doesn’t matter. I’ve been writing down lots of lyrical snippets and sections for various songs, so a lot of progress is being made there. Most of the songs are beginning to take shape. I know what I’ll be working on first, and thanks to some great developments, I now know that each song will be done in three phases.

First, I will record drums and guitars (using up to 6 tracks for guitars, instead of trying to constrain them to 2 or 3 as in previous recordings). These tracks will be exported onto my laptop and a rough mix made. This rough mix will then be imported back onto the recording unit, replacing 6-8 tracks with only one track, saving heaps of space. After this, bass and keys/synths will be added freely, then exported onto the computer. The bass and keys will be mixed together with the guitars and drums (and anything else that might happen to be there) to create a full instrumental mix, which will eventually be used to lay vocals over. So in summary:

1. Record guitars and drums

2. Record bass and keys

3. Record vocals

This will allow a LOT more flexibility than in previous recordings. I am very excited to get started.

Now I just have to figure out how to change my bass strings.


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