August 21, 2009

New Album Recording Journal – page 9

Posted in Recording Journal at 9:04 pm by Matt

This weekend is a big weekend for the new album. Five of ten tracks have guitars and drums, and I plan on doing the sixth and maybe even seventh tonight. Then tomorrow will be a day full of bass and keyboard/synth recording, as my strings are now changed and Pat will be around with his full keyboard. If everything goes as planned, by tomorrow night this album could be half-recorded!

I’m stumped on lyrics for the moment – been too busy with other things to write any more than I already have. But those don’t have to get finished until 5 minutes before they get recorded anyway. Maybe I’ll just let Jason improvise lyrics.

…Maybe not.

Unlike “Kingdoms”, this album will have cover art. And unlike every other PH album, this album will actually have awesome cover art (actually, I liked the art for Dance With Divinity, but it was a little weird). I’ve gotten permission to use an image I really like by photographer Trevor Dunt, so I’m going to have my best photoshop people manipulate it into something cool for the cover.

23 days and counting.


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