September 12, 2009

The Greater Gospel – 10 – “The Greater Gospel”

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Destitute souls without life of their own,
Reaping the sorrow that others have sown.
Hearing the words of false prophets as true,
Give themselves over to get themselves through.

Lies and deception, all they have seen.
Trapped in a system of masked slavery.
Losing the luster made for their eyes,
Never aware of creation’s design.

The anointing has come:
Liberation at hand.
Repent and believe.
Repent and be saved.

Defy the authority of the grave.
Heaven and earth are passing away.
We stand and proclaim His glorious hope.


The Greater Gospel – 09 – “Avalanche”

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This song is an instrumental.

The Greater Gospel – 08 – “The Crumbling Dam”

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They steal from mother earth whatever they desire,
Pervert the natural order to satiate their power lust.

Take this rock, burn it up, stamp a face, call it worth.
Take this page, cut it up, print a name, call it god.
Take this stream, dam it up, take control, call it good.
Take this world, tear it down, build again, call it progress.

Let the river run back where it came from,
Never meant for what man decided.
Let the water wash clean our impurity.
The tide is rising and we’re all invited.

The Greater Gospel – 07 – “Vagrant Prophecy”

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The trash heap prophet with his dumpster pulpit
Preaches from his alleyway sanctuary:
“Repent! The kingdom of God is at hand!
Repent and be saved from this wicked generation!”
And the passers-by look at him like a lunatic.

“Drunken hobo, what does he know.”
What if he knows the truth?
“Homeless beggar, living failure.”
What if he’s not so wrong?

Sheol breaks into the streets while they sleep in silken sheets.
What if they’re not so wrong?
They knew it all along.

The Greater Gospel – 06 – “Where Gardens Never Grow”

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This song is an instrumental.

The Greater Gospel – 05 – “Ambling Cadavers”

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From the sixteenth floor, the streetwalkers look like insects.
A fitting exposition for the prideful mind.
Isolation magnifies the indwelling illusion.
Set the banquet table for your parasites.

Raise yourself up, you will be brought low.
Everything more makes us less.
Give yourself up, let your weakness show.
We are the walking dead.
Take the hammer to your heart of stone.
Feel the pain of blood and flesh.
Let the cry resound till all should know.
We are the walking dead.

The city is dead; the citizens are dead.
There is no one left alive.
The city will rise; the Savior is alive.
What is life that cannot recognize life?
Until our hearts break for the broken hearts, we are the walking dead.

The Greater Gospel – 04 – “Fluorescent Twilight”

Posted in The Greater Gospel at 9:20 pm by Matt

There is a place where freedom hides
Beyond the call of glowing signs.
In the masquerade of midday
You’d never know that it was 3 AM.
Eyes close at the crack of dawn.
When day arrives, their light is gone.
In troubled sleep they dream that warmth
Will awaken their souls and envelop their hearts.

The neon sun shines bright
On these dancers in the lamplit night.
And they rise and they fall and they sway and they bend
At the whims of a god that they don’t understand.
They’ve lost the hope in sight,
Blinded by fluorescent twilight.
Where is the life offered to them?
Where is the truth that will wake them up from this glimmering fantasy?

I am bird with open beak feverishly searching broken street.
I am cloud in open sky over gray beneath endlessly pouring myself out.
I am faint dividing line trampled on without thought.
I am city lights.
I am letting go.
I am fading lights.
I am making known something bigger than, and better than, anything we’ve ever known.
I am rise up and walk.
Rise up and walk.
Take up your bed.
Take up your cross.

The Greater Gospel – 03 – “Tower of Need”

Posted in The Greater Gospel at 9:18 pm by Matt

Day after day they labor on.
Brick upon brick the builders place.
Higher it climbs, this monolith.
Hidden and held from human sight.

Night after night they raise their hands,
Lifted in prayer for sweet release.
Broken and scarred they clench their fists,
Cursing this Godforsaken land.

Open up the blank circles in your eyes
And let reality shine inside.
You have exchanged the truth for a lie,
Believing in your own selfish pride.

Free men are enslaved by oppression.
The tears in their eyes beg for justice.
The road has been paved by Your mercy.
All that we need is faith to follow.

And the tower of need stretches toward the sky.
In the shadows they breathe, but no one is alive.
Without hope of relief, the architects resign.
In the darkness beneath, we will shine a (brighter) light.

The Greater Gospel – 02 – “Sector 7”

Posted in The Greater Gospel at 9:17 pm by Matt

Heaven rain down.

Black sky, black eyes, they turn our towns to graveyards.
Red lights, red lines, they take the lifeblood from us.
Black eyes, black sky, the darkness looms overhead.
Red lines, red lights, the sirens stay their warning.

We lie awake at night
Just waiting for a glimpse of sunlight.
When morning breaks, it’s only artificial glow.

Playing god, the suits control through terror.
Paint the picture of the corporate dream.
Preying on the hopeless, crushing their souls.
Take their money, tell them it’s for their own good.

We lie awake at night
Just waiting for a glimpse of sunlight.
When morning breaks, it’s only artificial glow.
We’ve cried for endless days,
Seen parents die and children raised.
From generation to generation, this is all we know.

The Greater Gospel – 01 – “Outside The City Gates”

Posted in The Greater Gospel at 9:15 pm by Matt

This song is an instrumental.

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