September 8, 2009

New Album Recording Journal – page 13

Posted in Recording Journal at 1:08 pm by Matt

I feel like I haven’t slept in a week and a half.

Vocals are done. All that’s left is synth and bass on about 4 songs, and a boatload of mixing and production. And this has to get done in the next 4 nights.

Things are sounding great though. Jason almost singlehandedly made the album not suck with his awesome, varied vocal deliveries. He definitely registers another solid performance on this album. The synth also sounds pretty great on the songs I’ve put it on thus far, especially “Tower of Need”.

Considering the entire album comes out in four days, I think I’ll forgo trying to get a song ready for myspace tomorrow and just give you all the whole deal on Saturday without any preview. How does that sound?


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