September 10, 2009

New Album Recording Journal – page 14

Posted in Recording Journal at 6:08 pm by Matt

Two more nights of mixing to go!

All the tracks are recorded now (unless my friend Monica pops in for some guest violin tomorrow), and the first two tracks are mixed to their final version. Tonight, I plan on tackling 5 or 6 more. Things are sounding great; I think the mix is retaining the heaviness and thickness of the tracks (particularly the guitars) without making them clippy or noisy like in the olden days of “The Millstone” or “Dance With Divinity”. The vocals might be lacking a little punch at times, and the same might be true of the drums; I’m not sure how to fix this, but I’ll play with it if I have any free time the next two nights.

Here’s the final track listing of the album, slightly revised from previous posts:

1. Outside the City Gates / 2. Sector 7 / 3. Tower of Need / 4. Fluorescent Twilight / 5. Ambling Cadavers / 6. Where Gardens Never Grow / 7. Vagrant Prophecy / 8. The Crumbling Dam / 9. Avalanche / 10. The Greater Gospel

The album’s not perfect, but I think it’s a big step for PH. Not necessarily a step better, or a step forward, but a step toward a consistent yet unique sound. It’s definitely a springboard from which even better albums may yet come!

This will be the final page of my recording journal. The next time I post, it will be to announce the release of the sixth Potmos Hetoimos full-length, “The Greater Gospel”! Thanks for reading!


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