September 12, 2009

The Greater Gospel – 03 – “Tower of Need”

Posted in The Greater Gospel at 9:18 pm by Matt

Day after day they labor on.
Brick upon brick the builders place.
Higher it climbs, this monolith.
Hidden and held from human sight.

Night after night they raise their hands,
Lifted in prayer for sweet release.
Broken and scarred they clench their fists,
Cursing this Godforsaken land.

Open up the blank circles in your eyes
And let reality shine inside.
You have exchanged the truth for a lie,
Believing in your own selfish pride.

Free men are enslaved by oppression.
The tears in their eyes beg for justice.
The road has been paved by Your mercy.
All that we need is faith to follow.

And the tower of need stretches toward the sky.
In the shadows they breathe, but no one is alive.
Without hope of relief, the architects resign.
In the darkness beneath, we will shine a (brighter) light.


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