September 12, 2009

The Greater Gospel – 04 – “Fluorescent Twilight”

Posted in The Greater Gospel at 9:20 pm by Matt

There is a place where freedom hides
Beyond the call of glowing signs.
In the masquerade of midday
You’d never know that it was 3 AM.
Eyes close at the crack of dawn.
When day arrives, their light is gone.
In troubled sleep they dream that warmth
Will awaken their souls and envelop their hearts.

The neon sun shines bright
On these dancers in the lamplit night.
And they rise and they fall and they sway and they bend
At the whims of a god that they don’t understand.
They’ve lost the hope in sight,
Blinded by fluorescent twilight.
Where is the life offered to them?
Where is the truth that will wake them up from this glimmering fantasy?

I am bird with open beak feverishly searching broken street.
I am cloud in open sky over gray beneath endlessly pouring myself out.
I am faint dividing line trampled on without thought.
I am city lights.
I am letting go.
I am fading lights.
I am making known something bigger than, and better than, anything we’ve ever known.
I am rise up and walk.
Rise up and walk.
Take up your bed.
Take up your cross.


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