September 12, 2009

The Greater Gospel – 08 – “The Crumbling Dam”

Posted in The Greater Gospel at 9:25 pm by Matt

They steal from mother earth whatever they desire,
Pervert the natural order to satiate their power lust.

Take this rock, burn it up, stamp a face, call it worth.
Take this page, cut it up, print a name, call it god.
Take this stream, dam it up, take control, call it good.
Take this world, tear it down, build again, call it progress.

Let the river run back where it came from,
Never meant for what man decided.
Let the water wash clean our impurity.
The tide is rising and we’re all invited.



  1. Matt said,

    Guest piano by Carole. Guest guitar/noise by Raleigh.

  2. Raleigh said,

    guest what?

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