June 29, 2010

Agatha – 1 – “Isolation”

Posted in Agatha at 3:08 am by Matt

Like the old grow in their sorrow,
Time elapses into absence.
Like the whisper fades in clamor,
Life is lost in the sea of noise.

Like the air fades in the aether,
Frail and gaunt in darkened thrall,
Thus the old grow in their sorrow
When forsaken by all they have.

Agatha was rejected by her own blood,
Isolated in her own generation.
Loneliness and despair her sole companion
After the disappearance of her first love.

It’s been three years.
He left through that very door.
To the lake, one last time…
There was a storm, I know.
I never saw him again.
And oh, things have changed since then…

The children never show their faces anymore.
Shameful at this age I should be ignored.
A poor widow like me, alone in this house…
Who knows what could happen?

This solitude is a chain around my neck,
A weight on my soul, a thorn in my heart.
What happened to family?
What happened to home?
What happened to never being alone?


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