September 12, 2010


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After a two-month delay, the seventh full-length Potmos Hetoimos album is released!

Due to the delay, I waited till the traditional date of September 12th, making this the fifth consecutive year a PH album has come out on this date.

“Agatha” returns to the storyline format of classic PH albums such as “The Millstone” and “Dance With Divinity”, but departs from the standard musical style of former albums to use a straightforward doom metal approach. I intended this to be a sort of side-album rather than the usual 9/12 album, but the delay combined with the unfinished-ness of the next PH album (“Trauma”) made it necessary to release this now. And that’s fine, because even with the stylistic departure I think this is one of my finest and most consistent works.

“Agatha” tells the story of an old widow who has been abandoned by her family, who laments this fact and ruminates on the problems of modern society. Through the album, her issues and more of her history is revealed, but many things are left implicit for the listener to infer.

I am pleased to have had two guest vocalists on this album, Chris Sherwood of Naess and Ryan Fairfield of Hallowed Butchery/Terrible Old Man. Their appearances definitely enhance the vibe and quality of the album.

The tracklisting is as follows, and the lyrics are posted below.

1. Isolation
2. Dispersion (f/Chris Sherwood)
3. Memoir
4. Intruders (f/Ryan Fairfield)
5. Stranger

Stream track-by-track at or download the zip file at

Thanks for listening, and enjoy!

Oh, and here’s the album art.