May 17, 2011

Official Announcement of “Evelyn”

Posted in Evelyn at 1:38 pm by Matt

Potmos Hetoimos is continuing in the psychedelic sludge/stoner/doom metal style of “Agatha” with a brand new full-length album, “Evelyn”.

I’ve kept this project mostly under wraps, only telling my closest friends and dropping a few hints as to its existence. A couple of months ago, I was inspired both musically and conceptually to continue in the vein of “Agatha”, and I decided to make it a trilogy. “Evelyn” is a prequel, set 5 years before “Agatha”, and only indirectly connecting to it at all. Not until the final piece of the trilogy is released will the stories make sense together.

Musically, as I said, “Evelyn” picks up right where “Agatha” left off, although I think this album’s sound is much more cohesive and consistent and will appeal to fans of any era of PH. “Agatha” came out of left field a bit stylistically, but “Evelyn” harmonizes its brooding doom with more of the jazzy and progressive elements that have always characterized PH. “Evelyn” features by far the richest compositions of any PH album; you will hear multiple guitars, bass, electronic and acoustic drums, synth, piano, vocals, and even strings and woodwinds! I am again blessed with a couple of wonderful guest appearances; my wife Rochelle contributed flute to the first track, and my friend Kirstie contributed viola to the first and last tracks.

The official prerelease teaser for the album (a first!) is out on Youtube. You can watch it here.

Check back to this blog or that Youtube vid on June 1 for the full release of the album – free stream and download, as always!