June 1, 2011


Posted in Albums, Evelyn at 4:07 am by Matt

Here it is – available for stream or download!

You can stream or download individual tracks at potmoshetoimos.bandcamp.com
or in this convenient embedded player!

or you can download the whole album in a zip file (in high v0 quality) at www.mediafire.com/?75m4u2lmghdc556
and if you haven’t seen the teaser yet, check it out at www.youtube.com/watch?v=sOTKnPJOMY0

“Evelyn” is a prequel set five years before the events of “Agatha”. It tells the story of a very old widow who is experiencing dreams in which she possesses the body of a younger woman, enabling her to live out fantasies she is no longer able to in reality. But as she begins to experience resistance, as if the dream-woman is fighting for her own consciousness, Evelyn realizes the visions may not be fantasy after all. The full lyrics are below.

The compositions on this album are, I believe, the best PH has ever offered. Production is mostly good, not perfect, but an improvement over “Agatha”. I am excited to present this album; if you are a fan of doom, sludge, post-metal, or just previous Potmos Hetoimos, I think you’ll enjoy this album.

Thanks for listening!


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