June 18, 2011

PH on Bandcamp

Posted in Albums, General at 3:18 am by Matt

As of today, Potmos Hetoimos has a page on the pretty excellent music-sharing site, Bandcamp. Check it out at http://potmoshetoimos.bandcamp.com!

PH has previously kept to myspace and last.fm for music sharing. Myspace is plagued with issues, and I have not kept it updated. Last.fm is wonderful because they do not limit file size or length and allow free streams and downloads – what other free site would host the full version of Dance With Divinity? But, alas, last.fm is not without problems as well, namely how complex it is for those with limited internet savvy to navigate to the appropriate place to hear or obtain the songs, as well as the fact that (I believe) last.fm compresses downloadable mp3s to 128 kbps. Not nice.

Bandcamp offers the benefit of very, very simple streaming and downloading, and allows downloads in excellent quality. They can do this because they force you to upload lossless files (i.e., WAVs). The limitations are on file size (no lossless 2-hour songs) and on the quantity of free downloads; however, I don’t anticipate more than 200 people per month grabbing PH tracks from there. Overall, I think the advantages make it very worthwhile.

As of this posting, Evelyn is loaded onto the bandcamp site and Agatha is going up even as I type. I plan to also upload The Greater Gospel and Kingdoms; unfortunately, the first four PH albums do not exist in WAV quality and will therefore be relegated to the obscurity of last.fm and mediafire, etc. However, I may be able to recover The Millstone in lossless quality. The five-year anniversary of its release is coming up soon, after all…


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