April 2, 2012

PH 2012 Update

Posted in General at 1:51 pm by Matt

It’s been a considerably long time since I posted anything on here, which might give some readers the impression that nothing is going on in the world of Potmos Hetoimos. Far from it, friends!

  • I have been hard at work writing music and lyrics for the ninth full-length, the closing album to the trilogy which began with “Agatha” and “Evelyn”. In the last few weeks, this writing has come to fruition, as almost all of the guitar tracks have been recorded.
  • If you paid attention to the lyrics of “Evelyn”, you should be able to guess what the album will be called.
  • In a bold new step for PH, I will be recording REAL drums in a studio this week. Hopefully, this will add a dynamic dimension that has been lacking, and will put to rest any questions about whether the drums are played or programmed.
  • In another quality-enhancing measure, this will be the first PH album to get professionally mastered.
  • Not one, not two, not three, but FOUR individuals who I greatly respect have agreed to contribute vocals (and perhaps more) to the album. These are people from bands that range from up-and-coming to quite well-known. You will be pleasantly surprised! But I’m not revealing details yet – not until the parts are actually recorded, just in case anything falls through.

No set release date yet, other than to say that it will be sometime in 2012. This allows me to have plenty of time to collaborate with my guests, add extra ideas here and there, and generally round this out into the most complete and well-conceived PH release yet. Keep your eyes peeled though – there’s no telling when a teaser might pop up!