October 12, 2013

Maribel – 1 – “Recurrence”

Posted in Maribel at 1:53 am by Matt

(Gazing as if through a white veil…)
(Tears wiped from the cheek of a restless child…)
(Soft orchid petals beckoning my steps…)
(Sand and rock vibrate beneath my feet…)

Who am I to deserve to receive this
Cursed with another wandering soul
What am I, receptor of such distress
Bloating my mind with unbidden nostalgia
Harrowing emptiness replaced with pitiful indwelling

Time is cruel to the patient watcher, as I slowly lose my hold
Used as a circulated vessel to obtain some foreign soul
History speaks to the belief that our life here is all waste
Yet for all I’ve seen, it is my conviction that the dead are not erased

Still in her shadow I grieve
Grant my poor soul its reprieve
Despite my mind so deceiving, I stand here believing
God relieve me of this fate

Yet with this surge of memory
Comes calm familiarity
A life connected to mine
Enigmatically entwined
What once was force and subjection
Is subverted by warmth and invitation
A light searching my soul
For a welcoming home

But I will not be deceived
Grant my poor mind its reprieve
Although my spirit is cleaving, I stand still believing
God relieve me of this fate


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  1. Matt said,

    Guest vocals by James Dorton of Black Crown Initiate and Nightfire.
    Guest saxophone by Raleigh of Usti Waya and Quidditas.

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