October 12, 2013

Maribel – 2 – “Visitation”

Posted in Maribel at 1:52 am by Matt

The accession of these dreams 
Sometimes a trickle, sometimes a stream 
Feels like an infant cutting teeth 
Another life before my eyes 
Woven with my soul to bind 
Displaying borrowed shards of time 
Swaddled in the arms of love 
Strength to nurture building up 
A lioness and her cub 
Now the reason I am here 
Understanding through the fear 
The pictures are becoming clear 

And I know her, I have seen her face 
There’s no other with the smile of grace 
And I know her, for I am her blood 
My own mother, not long for this world 

Fear in my heart, I must face this once more 
Following memories just like before 
Breathless again as I open the door 
A stench fills the air, and there’s blood on the floor… 

No! Mother! What have you done?! 
My father, silent and cold… 
No! Mother, where have you gone? 
Still, tranquil…she doesn’t know…


1 Comment »

  1. Matt said,

    Guest vocals by Raleigh of Usti Waya and Quidditas.

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