October 12, 2013

Maribel – 3 – “Assimilation”

Posted in Maribel at 1:50 am by Matt

(Colors bleed outside lines) 
(Moments are frozen in time) 
(Distant horizons, drawing near) 
(Distant horizons, drawing so near…) 

The white veil and the orchid petals 
The lakeside fire and the crying child 
The last glimpse of his back in the doorway 
The smoking gun and the spray of blood 

I’ve seen them all, a hundred times if a dozen times 
Cycling through my mind 
A neverending cinematic nightmare 
Out of control 

There is no life in this tension 
My only hope is resolution 
But this time will be different 
I will be the curator of all you have seen… 

I am your house of memories, all that is left when you fade away 
I am your hope of legacy, keeping you safe from total eclipse 

So drink your scarlet wine 
And do not be afraid 
Sleep all through the night 
I will stay awake 

Color bleeds outside the lines 
Moments are frozen in time 
Distant horizons draw near 
What you have lost I will find 
Fragments of spirit align 
Mother, depart without fear 
Rest in this promise divine 
What you have lost is now mine


1 Comment »

  1. Matt said,

    Guest vocals and electronics by Mike Armine of Rosetta.
    Guest vocals by Raleigh of Usti Waya and Quidditas.

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