October 12, 2013

Maribel – 4 – “Genealogy”

Posted in Maribel at 1:49 am by Matt

Her memories I roam as freely as my own 
Between our souls there is no more division 
Insomnia provides endless time to wander 
Seeking the source of this miraculous transmission 

Mother, crystallized in memory 
Father, hidden still in mystery 
Mother, give your daughter what she seeks 
Father, tell me of this history 

Trace back the root of my illicit conception 
To discover a man with a double life 
The ring off his finger a surface deception 
Mother his mistress, but another his wife… 

They wed with hope of starting another generation 
Her infertility left him empty and desperate 
Mother’s attraction drew him away into the darkness 
Their secret consummation, with me the product 

Four decades long he maintained this masquerade 
Until his barren wife began to open her eyes 
Faced with choice and no escape, he planned his suicide charade 
Held on to Mother and left Evelyn to drown in her tears



1 Comment »

  1. Matt said,

    Guest vocals by Gastrix Grimshaw of A Forest of Stars and Courtsleet.
    Drone and sax by Raleigh of Usti Waya and Quidditas.

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