September 12, 2010


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After a two-month delay, the seventh full-length Potmos Hetoimos album is released!

Due to the delay, I waited till the traditional date of September 12th, making this the fifth consecutive year a PH album has come out on this date.

“Agatha” returns to the storyline format of classic PH albums such as “The Millstone” and “Dance With Divinity”, but departs from the standard musical style of former albums to use a straightforward doom metal approach. I intended this to be a sort of side-album rather than the usual 9/12 album, but the delay combined with the unfinished-ness of the next PH album (“Trauma”) made it necessary to release this now. And that’s fine, because even with the stylistic departure I think this is one of my finest and most consistent works.

“Agatha” tells the story of an old widow who has been abandoned by her family, who laments this fact and ruminates on the problems of modern society. Through the album, her issues and more of her history is revealed, but many things are left implicit for the listener to infer.

I am pleased to have had two guest vocalists on this album, Chris Sherwood of Naess and Ryan Fairfield of Hallowed Butchery/Terrible Old Man. Their appearances definitely enhance the vibe and quality of the album.

The tracklisting is as follows, and the lyrics are posted below.

1. Isolation
2. Dispersion (f/Chris Sherwood)
3. Memoir
4. Intruders (f/Ryan Fairfield)
5. Stranger

Stream track-by-track at or download the zip file at

Thanks for listening, and enjoy!

Oh, and here’s the album art.


June 29, 2010

Agatha – 1 – “Isolation”

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Like the old grow in their sorrow,
Time elapses into absence.
Like the whisper fades in clamor,
Life is lost in the sea of noise.

Like the air fades in the aether,
Frail and gaunt in darkened thrall,
Thus the old grow in their sorrow
When forsaken by all they have.

Agatha was rejected by her own blood,
Isolated in her own generation.
Loneliness and despair her sole companion
After the disappearance of her first love.

It’s been three years.
He left through that very door.
To the lake, one last time…
There was a storm, I know.
I never saw him again.
And oh, things have changed since then…

The children never show their faces anymore.
Shameful at this age I should be ignored.
A poor widow like me, alone in this house…
Who knows what could happen?

This solitude is a chain around my neck,
A weight on my soul, a thorn in my heart.
What happened to family?
What happened to home?
What happened to never being alone?

June 28, 2010

Agatha – 2 – “Dispersion”

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Distant communication.
Connect without intention.
All lives entwined together
Makes bonds and bruises shallow.

When peers are so close –
Words on a screen, voice in a box –
Sight and touch are replaced by synthetics.
Where does a mother fit into this world of perpetual contact?
Digitally forsaken, the elders are shunned and forgotten.

They lie to each other,
When they speak with phantom mouths.
They lie to each other,
With a paucity of thought.
They lie to each other,
By denying absence.
They lie to each other,
In this disconnected life.
They lie to each other,
When they speak with phantom mouths.
They lie to each other,
With a paucity of thought.
They lie to each other,
By denying absence.
They lie to each other,
In this disconnection.

Agatha – 3 – “Memoir”

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I remember…
Wedding day.
The smell of the flowers.
The smiling faces.
The dress in the attic,
Kept all these years.

I remember…
Nights on the lake.
Fires on the shore.
The child in my womb.
Her first cry,
Swaddled in my arms.

I remember…
His last words.
“I’ll be home late, don’t wait up.”
Out the door, never to return.
Swallowed by the night,
Killed by what he loved.

I remember…
…I will never forget.

All that I have is memory.
What is there left when this fades away?
All that I hold so dear to me,
Slipping away to dream and eclipse.

Agatha – 4 – “Intruders”

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Left behind, cold departure.
Stripped of dignity.
Such shame.

I have not seen him since that day.
It was the first day they came.
I saw a stranger at the door.
Never been so afraid.
Ran to the bedroom to hide,
Then heard him call my name.
I had no choice.
The gun in the closet, the blood on the carpet…

My pitiful children never show their faces.
No one comes, no one cares.
Yet sometimes, there are these visitors.
They want to break in, steal my things, take my life.
I don’t know how they get inside…

Agatha – 5 – “Stranger”

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Face so familiar, I cannot place.
Reminds me of someone so close.
A strange character with no malice or fear
Brings me my sugar and tea.
How sweet.

Child of the morning, hair bright as gold,
How do you cross my private threshold?
Stranger, revere, while yet you are here
Bring me my pills and my tea.

Alien presence, forcibly come,
I do not welcome you into this home.
There is no sanctity, no hope for me.
Bring this old widow her wine.

Who are you?