September 10, 2008

Dance With Divinity

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The fourth Potmos Hetoimos full-length reverted back to the focused, original, progressive, guitar-driven attitude of “The Millstone”. In similar fashion, DWD was conceived and contemplated through the summer (of 2007), and recorded in exactly one month between August 11th and September 11th. It was released for download on September 12, 2007, the one-year anniversary of “The Millstone” and the two-year anniversary of Reneé’s death. (This solidified the pattern, and caused me to resolve to release another album on 9/12/2008.) The major difference between this album and previous albums was that my desire was to have this album be exactly one song.

One two-hour-and-thirteen-minute song.

Some called me crazy. I didn’t care. At the time I was being inspired to write DWD, I was heavily influenced by epic doom bands – like Monolithe, whose albums are all one long song (theirs are only about 50 minutes though). I wanted to do something that had never been done, and I did it. Because of the formidable nature of a two-hour song, though, I later caved to popular demand (?) and split the album into sixteen songs. The lyrics are presented here for the split version.

I wanted to do another epic, controversial original storyline like “The Millstone”. The album is split into four movements, like a symphony, and this is reflected in both the music and the lyrics. In Movement I, The Aroma of Carrion, we are introduced to an unnamed husband and wife who are experiencing bitterness and division because the wife has recently become a Christian, while the husband disparages and despises religion. Her faith drives a wedge between them that threatens to end their love. The husband still very much loves his wife, and is sorrowful to see her make such a “poor choice”; he decides the only way to restore their relationship is to convince her not to be a Christian.  Seeing that logical arguments will not sway her, he settles on a more desperate route, and becomes a serial killer randomly murdering Christians. At the end of Movement I, a stranger who has observed the tension between them approaches the wife while the husband is away. Movement II, The Transfixion of Godhood, explores the psyche of the murderer as he grows more and more infatuated with his power to kill and less and less interested in redeeming his marriage. As such, the music is heavily doom metal, drawing from Monolithe, Asunder, and Ocean. Movement III, The Burden of Blood, finds the husband returning home late one night only to be left by his wife, who has not been swayed from her faith, but has grown fed up with her husband’s increasingly frequent unexplained absences. The husband realizes that he cannot continue his murderous lifestyle if he hopes to recapture his wife’s heart, but…well, you should probably just read the rest of the lyrics yourself. I don’t want to spoil things. The ending is a total contrast to “The Millstone”.

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September 9, 2008

Dance With Divinity – 16 – “Omega”

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This song is an instrumental.

Dance With Divinity – 15 – “Fate”

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He watched as children cried and families split apart
He heard the mournful songs and saw the shattered hearts
Then came the story of the ones he held most dear
But he could barely stand to look, choking back his tears

She could not find love in his heart
But another beat for her
She found comfort in his sympathy
And the two conceived a third

I hang my head in shame.
I  know I am to blame.
In silence I await
The sentence of my fate.


Dance With Divinity – 14 – “Perfected Visages”

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“Tearing through space and time
My body stripped away from my mind”

“I don’t understand, can I have been wrong?
Did fate have a master all along?
This blackness pervades my very being
Yet I cannot touch or hear or see
But wait, a choir resounds in the distance
My soul is opened and I am lifted…”

“One by one all of my victims rise up
Then all at once they bow down to the throne”

“Dumbstruck I behold He Whom I denied
I fall to my knees and begin to realize
All the judgments I’ve made now to be judged
Because I chose malice and pride over love”

And the judgment began.

Dance With Divinity – 13 – “Interlude III: Short Respite In A Shallow Grave”

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This song is an instrumental.

Dance With Divinity – 12 – “Surrendering The Sword”

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He fled and hid himself away
And watched the next day for the news
But his heart stopped its frail beating
When he learned he’d murdered two

“Not only my bride, but my flesh and blood?
Truly, it is the end of my tyranny”

“The very thing I hate is what I have become
My vultures circle in on their final victim”

“Never could a price be paid
To cover all of my mistakes
Executioner I’ve played
Come now, judge and jury await
Leading to my resting place”

“Is this life what it seems?
Or is there something more?
I’m not afraid to dream
I’m not scared to know
The fate written for me”

Dance With Divinity – 11 – “Misanthropy Made Real”

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The satisfying splendor, an all-familiar sense
Subduing his perception, no thought to consequence

It was his custom not to know his victim’s face
But this last ritual, he cast that rule away
And anonymity was swallowed by reality
“(ohh…) The beauty in those lips, I recognize
(ohh…) There’s no mistaking the color in her bloodshot eyes
(ohh…) This last dagger, Medusa has finally glanced my way
(ohh…) Petrified and silenced, fate has had the final say”

“Lightless and loveless, I alone am to blame
I am as worthless as the plague I despise
Waving my white flag, I give up everything
Fate is not mine to control!”

“I’ve severed my heart from my soul”

Dance With Divinity – 10 – “Widower”

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Long nights of absence wearing patience down
Zealous resentment bred when she is around
Unanswered questions tearing her apart
“Don’t worry, love,” he says, “Someday I’ll have your heart!”

Past the stroke of midnight, he waltzes through the door
Greeted with a glare of “I can’t take this anymore
I don’t know where you go or how you spend your time
But I won’t live with you while you live in your lie!”

“O cruel fate! your apprentice has learned well
But never has such majesty brought me so near to hell
I know I must rescind this power to ever bring her back
But not tonight, for swelling pride demands one last attack”

“What is a life, what is a soul? (Why should I ask what no one knows)
My life is lost, to death a slave (It’s just the passing of the age)”
Blind in darkness, out of focus, shocked into denial
All his passion feeds his memory of the ones reviled

He slept in the shadowed pathway, never knowing she’d pass by…

Dance With Divinity – 09 – “Interlude II: Passage Of Time And Life, Ineffectual”

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This song is an instrumental.

Dance With Divinity – 08 – “Scars Of Centuries”

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“I am the panacea for the illness of this world
I can heal the scars of centuries
I will touch the wound like their Messiah
And rip open the sore, to bleed out the poison
Religion is a disease, and I am its cure”

“I’ll open their eyes
Followers of Christ, resign!”

“In their faith they stand, even when sense demands
A faltering, an ebb and flow, a tempest or a vertigo
To control their fate should insist their doubt and fear
But let it be, another fool draws near…”

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