June 1, 2011


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Here it is – available for stream or download!

You can stream or download individual tracks at potmoshetoimos.bandcamp.com
or in this convenient embedded player!

or you can download the whole album in a zip file (in high v0 quality) at www.mediafire.com/?75m4u2lmghdc556
and if you haven’t seen the teaser yet, check it out at www.youtube.com/watch?v=sOTKnPJOMY0

“Evelyn” is a prequel set five years before the events of “Agatha”. It tells the story of a very old widow who is experiencing dreams in which she possesses the body of a younger woman, enabling her to live out fantasies she is no longer able to in reality. But as she begins to experience resistance, as if the dream-woman is fighting for her own consciousness, Evelyn realizes the visions may not be fantasy after all. The full lyrics are below.

The compositions on this album are, I believe, the best PH has ever offered. Production is mostly good, not perfect, but an improvement over “Agatha”. I am excited to present this album; if you are a fan of doom, sludge, post-metal, or just previous Potmos Hetoimos, I think you’ll enjoy this album.

Thanks for listening!


Evelyn – 1 – “Artifact”

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All alone, in this rotting home
No man beside, three years gone
No child born of this barren womb
All alone, in this living tomb

Evelyn groaned
As her heart grew cold
And her body broke
From the weight of her soul
Evelyn sighed
As her veins ran dry
And her body died

In dream, my bleak surroundings melt away
All color, bright and vivid, fills my sight
In dream, this empty shell is left behind
I am a new creature in the world outside

Evelyn – 2 – “Lucidity”

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Now dead, now alive
My blood runs, vicarious
Now living, now free
She’ll do anything for me

Occupant of a foreign form
Total control
No resistance

Subject to another’s force
Losing control

My mind swings like a pendulum
Between dream and wake,
But even in times of lucidity
Suffers pain it cannot take

Evelyn – 3 – “Obscurity”

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Through my fogless eyes
Pass familiar sights
The ancient domicile
Within which I reside

The invaded mind quakes with fever
Uncertain of its cognizance
An unknown hovel bears
Bizarre attraction

This meeting must be precluded
My dreams must not be realized
I will keep myself secluded
Beyond the path of her wandering gaze

The invaded mind convulses with nausea
Straining to expel its indweller
The fledgling brain turns to battlefield
As two souls war for possession

My mind decays as my body
I have no strength for this struggle
The obfuscation is useless
Come, child, and find your answers
Come, child, and find your answers

Evelyn – 4 – “Reunion”

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Walk this road, this is where you shall find me
Take this path, this is where our souls shall meet
With her strength, I carry her body to myself
My only prayer, that she can be released
And I can be free

I lie breathless as she opens the door
I open the door
I lie breathless as she opens the door
I open the door
And in an instant…
In an instant I am known
Clear of mind, she sees her conscious captor
Fair and hale, this child, the daughter I never bore
She holds a part of my soul inside her
Separated until their time is complete

Evelyn – 5 – “Liberator”

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My days are far beyond redemption
My time is worthless in this world
My body weakens by the hour
My soul seeks refuge in your youth

Maribel, set yourself free
Return my spirit unto me
Surrender my hiding soul

Maribel, set me free
Give my heart its blessed release
Liberate me from these deceitful dreams

A glass to commemorate what never was
What never will be
Blood rushes to my head
I drink this scarlet to the dregs
And disappear.

She is free, I am my own once more
Yet our bond remains a mystery
To bear another’s soul with mine
Begs the simple question, why?
Who am I?

May 17, 2011

Official Announcement of “Evelyn”

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Potmos Hetoimos is continuing in the psychedelic sludge/stoner/doom metal style of “Agatha” with a brand new full-length album, “Evelyn”.

I’ve kept this project mostly under wraps, only telling my closest friends and dropping a few hints as to its existence. A couple of months ago, I was inspired both musically and conceptually to continue in the vein of “Agatha”, and I decided to make it a trilogy. “Evelyn” is a prequel, set 5 years before “Agatha”, and only indirectly connecting to it at all. Not until the final piece of the trilogy is released will the stories make sense together.

Musically, as I said, “Evelyn” picks up right where “Agatha” left off, although I think this album’s sound is much more cohesive and consistent and will appeal to fans of any era of PH. “Agatha” came out of left field a bit stylistically, but “Evelyn” harmonizes its brooding doom with more of the jazzy and progressive elements that have always characterized PH. “Evelyn” features by far the richest compositions of any PH album; you will hear multiple guitars, bass, electronic and acoustic drums, synth, piano, vocals, and even strings and woodwinds! I am again blessed with a couple of wonderful guest appearances; my wife Rochelle contributed flute to the first track, and my friend Kirstie contributed viola to the first and last tracks.

The official prerelease teaser for the album (a first!) is out on Youtube. You can watch it here.

Check back to this blog or that Youtube vid on June 1 for the full release of the album – free stream and download, as always!