June 13, 2011

New art for old albums

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Because Potmos Hetoimos has always done internet releases instead of physical releases, cover art was a luxury rather than a necessity. This led to some of the earlier PH albums being released without artwork. Well, good friend and collaborator Raleigh decided to rectify that problem by designing art for all the previously naked albums – and he’s done an excellent job.

First, he tackled “Suffering the Storm”, PH’s third full-length:

Then he put together this piece for 2008’s “Kingdoms”:

And now he has put together a lovely image for the very first PH album, using the gothic “PH” previously seen on “The Millstone” and “Dance With Divinity”:

Look forward to more of Raleigh’s imagery on future PH releases!


September 12, 2008


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Today is the release of the fifth Potmos Hetoimos full-length, “Kingdoms”. It boasts numerous enhancements and/or changes from previous albums: better recording, better production/mixing, more focus on post-metal and atmosphere and less on doom and metal, vocals done by my friend Jason (from the band Your Eyes My Dreams) instead of me, synth incorporated fully into all songs, lack of a single epic storyline in favor of individual songs unified by a theme, and a couple of amazing guest appearances (both found on the same song). The theme of the album is mostly the false kingdoms that humans construct for themselves to (consciously or inadvertently) usurp the authority of God, the true King. The last track shifts from this paradigm and acknowledges the true Kingdom.

Download or stream the album at: http://www.last.fm/music/Potmos+Hetoimos/Kingdoms

September 9, 2008

Kingdoms – 09 – “Monarch”

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Kingdoms – 08 – “Peasant Song”

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Kingdoms – 07 – “The Lilies Underfoot”

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Kingdoms – 06 – “Pulpit Despotism”

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Kingdoms – 05 – “Matriarch”

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Kingdoms – 04 – “War”

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Kingdoms – 03 – “Division”

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Kingdoms – 02 – “Rebel”

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