June 13, 2011

New art for old albums

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Because Potmos Hetoimos has always done internet releases instead of physical releases, cover art was a luxury rather than a necessity. This led to some of the earlier PH albums being released without artwork. Well, good friend and collaborator Raleigh decided to rectify that problem by designing art for all the previously naked albums – and he’s done an excellent job.

First, he tackled “Suffering the Storm”, PH’s third full-length:

Then he put together this piece for 2008’s “Kingdoms”:

And now he has put together a lovely image for the very first PH album, using the gothic “PH” previously seen on “The Millstone” and “Dance With Divinity”:

Look forward to more of Raleigh’s imagery on future PH releases!


September 10, 2008

Suffering The Storm

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The third Potmos Hetoimos full-length is in many ways the black sheep of the discography. Each album certainly has facets that make it unique, but “Suffering”‘s tend to place it way out there. To begin with, there is no guitar anywhere on the album. Each song was written and performed entirely on bass (along with drums and vocals, of course). This allowed a totally unprecedented heaviness, and even added a little clarity to the production (as two downtuned guitars plus one downtuned bass can get quite muddy). The album was recorded between sometime in early 2007 (“Into The Eye” and “Sky And Sea”) and sometime in mid-2007 (“Flight Of The Dove”), and then finally finished with the recording of “Flight Of The Raven” in early 2008.

On the first two albums, I had done lyrics from the Old Testament and an original storyline, so I decided to shift back to the Biblical framework for lyrics. Since a lot of post-metal deals with aquatic or oceanic themes (Ocean, Buried At Sea, Isis’s seminal album “Oceanic”, etc.), I found the story of Noah and the flood resonating with me in a new way. The typical picture of this is the one found in children’s Bible books (God told Noah to build an arky-arky…), but I really don’t think the way it happened was quite so pleasant. Think about it. Noah had a limited time period to build the biggest boat anyone had ever seen by far, before God sent torrents of rain that would completely cover the face of the earth. Every single person alive was going to drown save the few family members on Noah’s vessel. The sky would be black as night from the heavy clouds. It would be like a month-long hurricane. So, I decided to address some of the darker themes of the flood narrative on this album. There are a ton of anachronisms in the lyrics, so it’s not a “storyline” album exactly. There is an overall progression though; “Into The Eye” definitely starts the story, and “Flight Of The Dove” definitely finishes it.

Download or stream the album at: http://www.last.fm/music/Potmos+Hetoimos/Suffering+The+Storm

September 9, 2008

Suffering The Storm – 06 – “Flight Of The Raven”

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This song is an instrumental.

Suffering The Storm – 03 – “Stench Of The Beasts”

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This song is an instrumental.

Suffering The Storm – 07 – “Flight Of The Dove”

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Thus repeal the waters
This ocean fades away
The floodgates of heaven shut
To permit the break of day
My raven’s wings beat on blue skies
A signal of hope for new mankind
Now from my hand my dove will fly
To set its feet on dry land
Noah, faithful, come forth
Your oceanic prison is gone
Bring with you earth’s future
In My hope you will carry on
The curse of this deluge is past
No more shall I unleash such wrath
As the sun shines, for all earth’s time,
Day and night shall breathe with life
Into you I impart my power
Your righteous blood will fill this world once more
But never put aside the pain of this deluge
Or all is doomed to a worse fate than before
For centuries we kept hope alive
In the glory of our Father we survived
But in fear of light, so many run to shadows
Trusting in themselves with minds so shallow
The great man of faith weeps from his grave
In sight of his descendants spitting on the hope he gave
We are the generation deserving of his pain
Our existence is nothing more than shame
The time has come
Our hope is undone
The end of creation awaits
For annihilation I pray
Grant us this deathwish and wash our sin away

Suffering The Storm – 05 – “Sky And Sea”

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Salt in the water and steam in the air
Drowned the deserving through cries of despair
Our hope is the future, a new earth we seek
But in front of our eyes is bleak gray sky and sea
Though clouds have subsided to reveal the day
No sunlight is reaching this drifting vessel
Monochrome horizons are distant and clear
As lifeless as trust while supplanted by fear
This seafaring chariot steals us away
From idols and fires our children wrestled
Why me? Who am I to start this new world?
Believe in yourself, blessed one
Hope of humanity all on me
Strength I will give to you in your need
Two hands and seven souls, what can we do?
Go forth and create a new beginning
Will everything fall apart again?
Through you, righteousness is renewed
Chosen for righteousness, but no one is righteous
This heart of innocence standing tall
My soul is no cleaner
I am as wicked as them all
From all it is you I have chosen
Unite yourselves and trust in My plan
Feel the sun breaking through
Luminescence covers you
Feel the warmth on your skin
The world is yours, enter in

Suffering The Storm – 04 – “Nephilim Drowning”

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Great men of old blackened their souls in grave descent
Daughters of men offered their skin to God’s own children
Heroes and whores stood where before there had been peace
Forced to create a plan that will make all as it should be
As thieves in the night each droplet alights with dark intent
Nephilim rise with fear in their eyes as He opens the firmament
Rain falls, seas swell, washing clean this earth that’s gone to hell
Purification the only salvation for existence beyond repair
Total renewal of twisted and cruel autonomic heresy
Onward we sail ‘neath clouds gray and pale to God knows where
The darkness below bearing the only lives preserved in sanctity
In faith we wait for our return to home
Nostalgia of unholy lands will only hold us back
We must begin again, a mankind free from sin
A glance to heaven reveals a stream of tears
Held in obscurity the reason behind His eyes
Sick of staring across spiritual divide
I will not remain on a shelf put aside
Damn the idolaters and ill-deified
Behold My final genocide

Still we’re far away from the break of day
Still we fold our hands and remember those who lost their way…
Blackhearted fools, a spark on the fuel of my holy wrath
Daughters dethroned, no longer My own in this catastrophic aftermath
To hell with the whores and heroes of yore who turned from Me
Commence the act, I send the earth back to how it should be
Quiet now the voice of disharmony
Let this world again submit to Me

On earth as it is in heaven
Father, Master, let Thy will be done

Suffering The Storm – 02 – “The Shadow Cast”

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I turn My face from My design
Swept away in a purging stream
I’ll take back the breath of life
From a creation in mutiny
They pushed Him over the edge
With their souls’ infidelity
Our eyes look over the edge
To where our world used to be
On each horizon black clouds draw near
Earth is but a shadow in the light of heaven’s glow
God closed His eyes and erased a history of mistakes

Suffering The Storm – 01 – “Into The Eye”

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Torrential downpour of iniquity
A tempest flooding humanity
Storming blight induced by vile invocation
Liquid languish for our degeneration
Build your ark, the clouds are gathering
One more try to set things right
Holy rain, descend and cleanse this world
This last time we’ll start all over
Corruption reset to the purity of when
All was good in My sight
Take to this ocean, be thou My Eden

Rising and falling, my God my God the tide is turning
Rising and falling, my God my God send us into the eye
To trust in Your blessing is all I can do
When all that is left is blue